PRE-BALLET (ages 4 & 5) Designed for young dancers, pre-ballet introduces basic ballet technique, movement, and terminology, while students also explore their individual creative movement and style.

BABY TAP (ages 3 & 4) Designed for the young dancer, baby tap introduces basic tap techniques, movement, and terminology combined with song and dance to encourage the development of rhythm and coordination.

BALLET (ages 6+) The most classical form of dance where students learn to execute movements with poise and grace. Ballet techniques are taught at the barre, across the floor, and center floor, where students learn proper alignment and technique while also developing muscle strength and balance. Ballet is the foundation of most modern day dance forms, so we highly recommend all students take ballet.

TAP Centered around percussive footwork, rhythm, and coordination, students will learn to develop and execute complex rhythmic combinations.

JAZZ Students will learn technique, terminology, and skills to execute various jumps, turns, and combinations. Jazz is energetic and fun with a strong focus on movement and performance quality.

HIP HOP (ages 5+) Millennium street dancing focusing on the popular youth culture style of dance. Hip hop includes a wide range of styles which include popping, locking, and breaking. In class, students will learn hip hop fundamentals while also building on their own creative style.

CONTEMPORARY LYRICAL (ages 10+) This dance style focuses on dancing through expression, and is built upon ballet, jazz, and modern techniques. Class is centered around strength, flexibility, balance, and movement quality exercises and combinations. We highly recommend students have ballet experience or join ballet when taking this class.

POINTE (based on ability) For advanced students only with ballet experience, and solely on the recommendation of the teacher.

ACROBATICS (ages 6+) Performance of extraordinary feats of balance, agility, and motor coordination, students will learn the floor movements of gymnastics to achieve tricks, flips, hand springs and aerials. Class will focus on strength and flexibility while building a solid foundation in dance and gymnastic techniques.

ADULT BALLET, TAP, & JAZZ Designed for adults who are new or returning to dance. An enjoyable environment to learn new skills, or brush up on already learned skills. We currently offer ballet/jazz combo and tap.

MOMMY AND ME (ages 18 months – 24 months) Join your little dancer as they take their first steps in dance! This class is centered around basic movements though song and dance. Students will develop rhythm and listening skills while enhancing motor skills and building strength and coordination in a fun social setting.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT (ages 2-3) An early introduction of structure in dance. Students will learn basic pre-tap, ballet and acrobatic techniques, while also developing his/her natural creativity in a fun learning environment.